Universal Studios Orlando has a brand new roller coaster. Is it scary? You bet Jurassic. It’s called the Jurassic World: VelociCoaster. Our own intrepid explorer, Alex Miranda, traveled to the wilds of Central Florida and got the ride of a lifetime.

It is so good! And I am a total coaster geek! Coaster geeks know who they are. I’m one of them.

This ride was epic! First of all, it is long, it is fun, inversions. It is an absolute trip, and yes, to answer your question, it’s quite scary.

What’s tall, fast and vicious?

No, not that…

I mean the ferocious new Jurassic World: VelociCoaster at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Shelby Honea, Universal Studios Orlando: “We send you shooting into the Velociraptor paddock for a prey’s eye view of these predators, and it does not let up. You come face to face with Charlie, Delta and Echo.”

She’s not even exaggerating.

Thought the movies were scary?

Alex Miranda: “Chris, Chris, Bryce, I don’t want to do it!”

Try sitting in this seat!

Alex Miranda: “So what if it’s Florida’s fastest and tallest launch coaster… The front row?”

And clawing your way up 155 feet of with not one, but four inversions.

Alex Miranda: “It’s still not done! We keep flipping around!”

At a savage 70mph, but it’s the two high-speed launches for me…

Gregory Hall, Universal Studios Orlando: “When you’re going 50mph through rock and raptors in your face, but then, there’s a second launch — 70 mph in 2.4 seconds.”

Alex Miranda: “All I gotta say is ‘Must go faster!'”

You’ll really feel like you’re really running from a ravenous raptor — in a good way.

Shelby Honea: “No matter your age, this is the coaster for you.”

Alex Miranda: “You’re saying little kids have gone on this ride?”

Shelby Honea: “Oh, little kids, there’s some little kids who’ve rode it more often than I have! We’ve got some serious coaster enthusiasts.”

VelociCoaster opens to the public on Thursday, June 10, if you dare.

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