Jungle heist: Affleck, Hunnam and Isaac star in twisty Netflix thriller ‘Triple Frontier’

A bunch of guys with a bunch of guns, deep in the jungle. That’s the setting for “Triple Frontier.” The film has Charlie Hunnam and Ben Affleck teaming up to rob some bad guys. Of course, when you try to rob criminals, things don’t always turn out so well.

Ben Affleck (as Tom ‘Redfly’ Davis): “You cannot go back to your normal lives after tonight. You guys need to own the fact that what we’re about to do is criminal.”

If ripping off a drug lord was easy, it wouldn’t take America’s most lethal soldiers to do it. But that’s what’s going down in Netflix’s “Triple Frontier.”

Charlie Hunnam (as William ‘Ironhead’ Miller): “They’ve got every town covered.”

Oscar Isaac (as Santiago ‘Pope’ Garcia): “So we go through them.”

But getting the loot from South America to the U.S. tests their friendship — and their trust.

Charlie Hunnam: “You don’t need to like each other, but you need to be able to rely on each other, and I think that was probably the most important element of this dynamic.”

Charlie Hunnam, Oscar Isaac, Garrett Hedlund, Pedro Pascal and Ben Affleck endured months of intense training in the Colombian jungle. Naturally, Deco wanted to know who cried the most.

Ben Affleck: “Definitely me.”

Oscar Isaac: “We had incredible trainers, these amazing Special Forces guys that gave their time and their energy to helping us embody these characters.”

But the most important thing they learned was about guns.

Charlie Hunnam: “Day one, they threw us right out onto the range, live fire, you know? So we’re just standing around there with live weapons, with real bullets, so…”

Ben Affleck: “Sometimes, if you’re doing a stunt, they’re plastic guns, and they always have blanks. You can get kind of casual about them, and sometimes in movies you see people sort of waving their guns around. When we had the trainers, and we had the live rounds, it was very clear the guns were pointed in one direction; you treat it with an enormous amount of respect.”

Being the only girl in the film was a treat for Adria Arjona.

“They kind of took the big brother role, in a way. I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, now I have to deal with five of them,’ but it was really nice. They were all so welcoming. I think they challenged me on screen. It was a great experience.”

That’s nice — but Ben and Oscar’s affection for Adria went even further.

Oscar Isaac: “It was like water in the desert of man.” (laughs)

Ben Affleck: “It was all just the five of us, and then this beautiful woman shows up,”

Oscar Isaac: And we were like, ‘Oh, thank God.” (laughs)

“Triple Frontier” will be available to stream on Netflix starting Wednesday.

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