Welcome to the jungle. We’ve got fun and games … and The Rock and Emily Blunt! The long-awaited “Jungle Cruise” movie just had its epic premiere with a fully outdoor event. Fans and the A-list stars are excited the new Disney film is ready to sail into theaters.

The “Jungle Cruise” world premiere made waves this weekend at Disneyland.

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt arrived in style — on a boat — before taking selfies with fans.

Dwayne Johnson: “It was amazing to see all my fans.”

Emily Blunt: “Nope, there were hardly any of them.”

Dwayne Johnson: “And they were just going crazy.”

Emily Blunt: “They were going, ‘Emily! Emily! Emily! You’re so beautiful!'”

Dwayne Johnson: “There was really, truly, ‘Emily, you look so beautiful,’ and it’s like, ‘What about me?’ And they’re like, ‘No, who cares about you?'”

The two stars clearly had a great time on the red carpet before introducing the movie to excited fans, who watched the much-anticipated film in an open-air theater.

Dwayne Johnson: “It’s so good to see you guys all together tonight.”

Emily Blunt: “I think we’ve all been living in isolation for a while, so it’s sort of beautiful, that sense of togetherness and the exposure to people, their love for this film.”

Dwayne Johnson: “Fingers crossed, but I think we made a good one.”

Emily Blunt (as Lily Houghton): “I cannot swim!”

Dwayne Johnson (as Frank Wolff): “You booked a river cruise and you can’t swim?! The price just went up.”

“Jungle Cruise” takes us along for an adventure down the Amazon, as Emily and The Rock go looking for a magical tree that has special healing powers.

Dwayne Johnson: “We made the movie a few years ago, and with the pandemic, we had to push it, but we thought at that time we were making something special and something that people would really love and enjoy.”

Emily Blunt: “I think everyone’s in need of a bit of joy and uplift, and the film really represents that.”

The premiere night itself was full of joy, with a whole lotta fan service going on.

Dwayne Johnson: “We’re here — you know, it sounds clichéd, but it’s true — we’re here because of the fans.”

Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” docks in theaters on Friday, July 30.

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