Juggerknot Theater Company transports audience in Miami Motel Stories

Miami is a melting pot of people, places and stories. And now there’s a show that’s all about the Magic City. You don’t need to go to a theater to see it. This one will have you spending a few hours at a hotel.

Are you ready to go back in time? If so, it’s time to check in, and check out the Juggerknot Theater Company’s Miami Motel Stories.

Tamilla Woodard, director: “Miami Motel Stories is an immersive experience staged inside of a real hotel — the Tower Hotel in Little Havana.”

There’s always some drama in hotel rooms, but not like this.

Tamilla Woodard: “Immersive theater is where the audience is the center of the event. It’s like being on a film set, but it’s theater.”

Miami Motel Stories tells the tales of the community and of a few characters who called the Tower Hotel home.

Tamilla Woodard: “This building has existed since the 1920s and has been occupied by someone all the way up until, I think, the last occupants moved out in 2012.”

Each floor and each room offers different storylines.

The performances on the first floor are about the neighborhood, and the actors can interact with guests.

Tamilla Woodard: “You have a coffee with someone. You play dominos with someone. It’s super interactive and super fun.”

But, on the second floor, guests watch as the performance happens around them.

Tamilla Woodard: “Each one of these rooms is its own stage.”

From a room belonging to politically active guests in the 60s to a post WWII clinic. The rooms on the second floor are a flashback to different years and different people who stayed there.

Tamilla Woodard: “You can see Miami in the 80s and dealers who are trying to work out a problem that they’re having with the Feds.”

Seating is limited, but that’s what makes it special.

Christina Rivera, patron: “I think its beautiful to highlight Miami, and I love that the settings are so intimate. It makes me feel like I can pay attention to what is going on and appreciate the art.”

The Miami Motel Stories runs until Nov. 12 and offers different ticket levels for the shows.


Miami Motel Stories at the Tower Hotel
1450 SW 7th St.
Miami, FL 33135

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