Josh Hartnett talks ‘Inherit the Viper’ with Deco

If you grew up in the early 2000s — or you’re an ex-husband — odds are you had a crush on Josh Hartnett. Josh is still acting these days, and he’s still a total hottie. Tonight, Deco’s sinking our teeth into his new movie.

Josh Hartnett (as Kip Riley): “Promise me something: protecting this family comes first. When it’s time to quit, we quit.”

Family comes first in the new drama “Inherit the Viper.”

Josh Hartnett (as Kip Riley): “I will not put this family in any more danger!”

The movie follows three siblings who rely on the family business to survive. Unfortunately, that job is selling drugs, and when things go horribly wrong, Kip, played by Josh Hartnett, has to do whatever it takes to keep his loved ones safe.

Josh Hartnett: “For Kip, it’s protecting his brother, and then, his new family with his girlfriend. That resonates with me 100%. I’m a father now, and I feel like I would do anything to protect them.”

The story also tackles the opioid crisis in America, but Josh told us the heart of this film is really about the siblings’ relationships with one another.

Josh Hartnett: “It’s a really interesting human story in the middle of it, so I think it’ll keep people’s attention. It’s a thriller at heart, really.”

Back in the early 2000s, Josh starred in some major blockbusters like “Pearl Harbor.”

Josh Hartnett (as Danny Walker): “Just make sure to come back for the both of us, alright?”

And “Black Hawk Down.”

Josh Hartnett (as Eversmann): “I was trained to make a difference.”

But these days, he said it takes more than a big budget project to draw his attention.

Josh Hartnett: “I like a challenge, and I respond to a challenge, I think. Something gets going in me when I feel like there’s maybe a chance that this can’t be done or it can’t be done well.”

“Inherit the Viper” definitely deals with some serious topics, so we thought Josh would appreciate talking about some lighthearted stuff.

We learned he loves rap music.

Josh Hartnett: “I’m really into hip-hop, but that’s my generation, right?”

And his totally innocent guilty pleasure is British reality TV.

Josh Hartnett: “There’s this one show called ‘Gogglebox,’ where you watch people watch TV, and it’s one of the most fascinating shows I’ve ever seen in my life. I think ‘Braveheart’ was on TV not too long ago, and they watched all these different families watching ‘Braveheart.’ Universally loved that movie, by the way — over here anyway.”

“Inherit the Viper” is in select theaters and streaming on demand starting Friday.

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