Josh Hartnett plays real-life investigative reporter in crime thriller ‘Most Wanted’

One thing you can file under not glamorous: serving life in prison. We hear the food isn’t good, but at least there’s a free gym. Thanks to a fearless reporter, an innocent person was saved from that very fate. It’s all in the new movie “Most Wanted”.

Josh Hartnett (as Victor Malarek): “This operation is a national scandal.”

Josh Hartnett puts his life on the line, seeking truth in the new crime thriller “Most Wanted.”

J.C. MacKenzie (as Arthur): “You can’t publish this. It could blow up in our face.”

The indie film is inspired by a true story. Josh plays a Canadian investigative reporter who uncovers the truth behind the arrest of an innocent man, framed by corrupt cops and sentenced to life in a Thai prison in the 1980s.

Daniel Roby: “I just couldn’t believe this could happen in Canada, and then, when I started researching more, I realized the importance of Victor Malarek, actually Josh’s character, and how an investigative reporter was so important to be involved in what happened and probably save the victim.”

Josh Hartnett (as Victor Malarek): “We’re not going to do a thing about it?”

Josh Hartnett: “His great superpower was that he didn’t care what happened to him personally.”

Josh had the opportunity to meet the real-life person behind his character.

Josh Hartnett: “He’s a very hard-nosed journalist, but underneath that is this kind of passionate and softer personality.”

Daniel Roby: “He’s very well-known as somebody that goes after tough stories, and he’s a hard [expletive], and he’s a rebel, and he goes in, and he kicks in the doors, and he’s not scared of anyone.”

Josh Hartnett (as Victor Malarek): “Am I supposed to leave him out there to rot?”

“Most Wanted” is now available to stream.

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