Josh Groban records new uplifting album ‘Harmony’ at home during quarantine

Some people picked up new skills during quarantine.

But Josh Groban isn’t your average guy, so he picked up a microphone, got in front of a piano and recorded a brand new album. And that’s not the only thing he’s gifting us this holiday season.

Josh Groban’s “Harmony” features covers of classics plus originals written from home during the pandemic.

Josh Groban: “All I had at my disposal at that time was a piano and a microphone and, and a lot of inner voices, as we all have.”

The singer wants his music to bring positivity to the world.

Josh Groban: “That’s what these songs were about for me, was writing about that hope, writing about that togetherness that I felt we could all get through.”

Due to COVID, he had to record the album at home.

Josh Groban: “Yeah I’m in my bedroom right now. This is just, I’ve got a piano right here. I’ve got a mic right there. You know, I put these things on, and I send it, send it out.”

Josh says connecting collaborators this way reflects the album’s title, “Harmony.”

Josh Groban: “I can think of no brighter way to shine on what’s positive about it right now than the fact that we were able to connect all this musicianship, all around the world.”

Next, he’ll bring his powerful vocals to virtual live-streamed concerts on Thanksgiving Day and Dec. 19.

Josh Groban: “There are so many countless people in America and around the world that are, that this is going to be a hard… it’s going to be a hard holiday, I think in a lot of ways. So to have a show that could incorporate that music that I’ve grown up with and have loved so much, and to do it for the first time at a time when people will need to gather in ways that are virtual you know, a lot of times this year, it holds a deeper meaning for me.”

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