Josh Groban and Tony Danza star in Netflix’s newest show ‘The Good Cop’

There are good cops. There are bad cops. Then there are these cops: one of each! The stars of Netflix’s new show, “The Good Cop,” are turning the clichéd buddy cop show on its head by making it a family affair.

Josh Groban (as Tony Jr.): “You bribed a guy to get me on the ethics panel?”

Tony Danza (as Tony Sr.): “Yeah. It cost me 50 bucks.”

Tony Danza and Josh Groban are redefining the phrase “good cop, bad cop.”

Tony Danza (as Tony Sr.): “You’re the detective that did seven years upstate. I was kind of a naughty cop.”

In “The Good Cop,” Tony Danza plays a disgraced former detective. Josh Groban plays his son, the most straight-laced, by-the-book cop on the force.

Together they’re a yin and yang that we don’t see in a lot of buddy cop shows.

Tony Danza: “That magic thing that happens when you get a couple of guys together or an ensemble, and it works.”

Josh and Tony hung out with Deco to talk about their arresting show.

Josh Groban: “We just clicked instantly. We knew that these next five months were gonna be just the time of our lives.”

Geraldine Leer (as DeRosa’s lawyer): “It’s very sexual.”

Josh Groban (as Tony Jr.): “No, haha.”

Each episode stands on its own, like when papa brings someone to his kids’ crime scene.

Josh Groban (as Tony Jr.): “You can’t bring a civilian to an active crime scene.”

Tony Danza (as Tony Sr.): “Come on son, she’s not exactly a civilian. Look at her.”

And if you watch the entire season, something will tie ’em all together.

Tony Danza: “Weaved through the whole script is this subplot of the death of his mother and my wife and our constant trying to get a beat on this guy.”

Josh Groban: “A hit and run.”

Tony Danza: “It was a hit and run and the guy didn’t slow down.”

So at the heart of the show, it’s a story of a father and son.

Tony Danza: “That’s about as much as I wanna say.”

Josh Groban: “It’s an emotional thread that carries through.”

But mostly — it’s law and disorder!

Tony Danza (as Tony Sr.): “I taught him everything I know.”

Josh Groban (as Tony Jr.): “Except right and wrong. That I learned on my own.”

“The Good Cop” drops on Netflix this Friday for your weekend bingeing pleasure.

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