Usually, I don’t like to watch somebody cooking food if they’re actually cooking it for me, not for anybody else.

That’s what’s happening on Fox’s “MasterChef: Legends.”

Turns out, you don’t really care when you have a pint of Haagen Dazs.

Things are heating up on Fox’s “MasterChef: Legends.”

Jonathan Waxman: “Lexi, I’m glad you listened to me.”

MasterChef and James Beard Award winner, Jonathan Waxman, joins the judges for this week’s California Mystery Box Challenge.

The show gave the cooking pro a chance to hang out with old friends Aaron Sanchez and Gordon Ramsey.

Jonathan Waxman: “Aaron Sanchez, my little son, that, that really is the best part of the whole, the whole situation. As Aaron and I get a little older, he and I just get closer and closer.”

Jonathan got one on one time with home cooks. And they’ve got skills.

Jonathan Waxman: “Regardless whether you’re a cook or a bricklayer or a lawyer doesn’t matter, you have to find people’s passion, and I think that’s why I love Gordon so much because he really elicits that ability to get people’s passion out.”

Contestant: “I absolutely love Jonathan Waxman.”

For the pros and the contestants, being on the show has its benefits.

Jonathan Waxman: “It’s a brilliant way of getting people to a different level. That you really have to put yourself on a pedestal. Regardless of whether you stay for the next round or not, you have to just reach inside yourself and get the best out of yourself.”

Jonathan Waxman: “That’s a professional touch.”

The chef even gave us some advice.

Jonathan Waxman: “I always say let the ingredients speak to you, let them tell you little stories and they tell you stories and, and you listen to them and you respect the ingredients then your dish is going to be fantastic.”

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