Jonas Brothers, wives reenact classic movie scenes in new music video

It’s not every day you get to bring your partner to work, but lucky for us, the Jonas Brothers did. The result? A music video filled with lights, camera, action!

Kevin Jonas (singing): “So, what a man gotta do?”

If you wanna feel good, crank up the new song “What a Man Gotta Do.”

Kevin Jonas (singing): “What a man gotta say?”

The new tune and music video was released Friday by the Jonas Brothers — and they’re not alone.

Jonas Brothers: “So, what a man gotta do, what a man gotta do, yeah, to be totally locked up by you?”

The Jo-Bros’ significant others join them on screen.

The close-knit group first made video magic for the song “Sucker.” This time, though, the couples reenacted classic movie scenes.

Tom Cruise (as Joel Goodson): (lip syncing) “Just take those old records off the shelf.”

That’s a young Tom Cruise in the 1983 film “Risky Business.” Tighty whities and all.

Nick Jonas (singing): “Caught my heart about one, two times.”

That’s Nick Jonas reenacting that famous scene. Not bad, right?

Tom Cruise (as Joel Goodson): (lip syncing) “Don’t take me to a disco.”

Nick Jonas (singing): “Sign me up for the full-time loving.”

His wife, Priyanka Chopra, joins in on the fun.

Nothing like a little hand jive from the 1978 classic movie musical “Grease.”

Joe Jonas (singing): “What a man gotta do.”

Joe Jonas and wife Sophie Turner give Danny and Sandy a run for their Rydell High money.

*John Cusack as Lloyd Dobler holding up boom box blaring “In Your Eyes.”*

And one of my favorite films of all time, Cameron Crowe’s 1989 coming-of age-film “Say Anything…,” starring John Cusack.

Kevin Jonas is seen holding up an old boom box as his wife Danielle pouts perfectly.

No matter the movie — or the music — the Jonas Brothers totally know “What to Do” to make a hit tune.

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