Who doesn’t love Disney movies, or ice skating, or high-flying acrobatics? You won’t find any such person. With Disney on Ice, you get them all. For more, here’s an ice guy: Alex Miranda.

The only thing that could make “Disney on Ice” better is … actually, I don’t think it can get better. It’s your favorite Disney characters, all kinds of impressive stunts.

Well, maybe if there were a battle to the death like Medieval Times? OK, probably not.

Tired of this heat?

Alex Miranda: “Esteban, what are you doing? It’s cold! Put on a sweater!”

Skate on over to the BB&T Center in Sunrise for “Disney on Ice.”

William Ott, “Disney on Ice”: “Even during the ‘Frozen’ segment, you might even see some snow.”

You heard that right, kids!

Adriene Ott, Disney on Ice: “Kristoff and Anna, and of course, Elsa and Olaf.”

But that’s not it.

William Ott: “There’s so many different acrobatic elements.”

One in every number!

Alex Miranda: “It is so cool! Oh, what’s up, Jamie?”

Jamie, performer. Disney on Ice: “Nothing much, Alex. Just keeping it casual.”

William Ott: “And the skating itself is world class.”

And “Mickey’s Search Party” is back with all your favorite characters.

Alex Miranda: “Coco! I loved ‘Coco.’ That movie made me cry.”

Adriene Ott: “Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ and she flies in the air. You’re going to see Eric and Ariel.”

But how can Ariel swim on ice? I asked her myself.

Rachael, “Ariel,” Disney on Ice: “You’ll have to come to the show to find out.”

Hmm … very coy, but she did show me how to dress like a Disney star.

Rachael: “It’s from our ‘Under the Sea.’ We’ve got a skirt from ‘Coco’ here.”

Alex Miranda: “Aww.”

Rachael: “This is one of your ice harvesters from ‘Frozen.'”

“Beauty and the Beast” in the house, too.

Alex Miranda: “I would kill this.”

Jensel rides a hoverboard on ice, which can only be explained by magic. Well, that and…

Jensel, performer, “Disney on Ice”: “We have these little spikes here, so we spike the wheels so we don’t slide into the ice.”

Alex Miranda: “So it grips into the ice?”

Jensel: “Yeah.”

All I managed to do was spin in circles. but I had a better grip of the larger-than-life props.

Isabella, performer, “Disney on Ice”: “And they’re actually a lot heavier than you’d assume.”

Alex Miranda: “Really? Let me see.”

Isabella: “They’ve got some weight to them.”

Alex Miranda: “Oh, come on, Isabella!”

By the way, we have a real life fairy tale here. Adriene and William are married!

Adriene Ott: “He started as a hockey player. We met at home, and I taught him how to figure skate, so it is definitely like the cutting edge movies.”

Just like that movie.

Tickets start at $19. Don’t forget!

Alex Miranda (singing): “Rememberrrr meeeeee…”

Catch “Disney on Ice” at the BB&T Center in Sunrise now through Sunday, and then the FTX Arena in Miami next Thursday through Sunday.

Disney on Ice at BB&T Center

Disney on Ice at FTX Arena

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