Johnson surprises daughter with Momoa greeting on 3rd birthday

To us, he’s The Rock, but to his kids, he’s just Dad, so when Dwayne Johnson’s little girl fell in love with the “Aquaman” movie, he called in a favor for a super special birthday surprise.

The Rock isn’t just an action hero who kicks butt, takes names and saves the day.

Dwayne Johnson (as Black Adam): “Kahndaq needed a hero. Instead, they got me.”

He’s also gearing up for his superhero debut as Black Adam. Pretty cool, right?

Hmmm, not for everyone.

Tiana Gia Johnson: “See what Aquaman did to that man?”

Dwayne Johnson: “I saw what Aquaman just did.”

The actor posted a cute video on social media with his youngest daughter, Tiana Gia.

Dwayne Johnson: “Is Aquaman cool?”

Tiana Gia Johnson: “Mmm-hmm.”

Jason Momoa (as Aquaman): “I’m a leader, but I am not a king.”

Tiana loves her some Aquaman.

Amber Heard (as Mera): “Atlantis has always had a king. Now, it needs something more.”

Dwayne Johnson: “Who’s cooler? Daddy?”

Tiana Gia Johnson: “Aquaman!”


Tiana Gia Johnson: “He’s pretty cool, right? I agree.”

For Tiana’s third birthday over the weekend…

Jason Momoa: “We can hang out in he ocean there, and I’ll have a present for you and Jazzy.”

She got a special birthday message from Aquaman himself: Jason Momoa.

Jason Momoa: “I love you, and tell your papa that I love him, too.”

The two families will be getting together soon in Hawaii for vacation. Both have ties to the Aloha state.

And we can’t forget this: Tiana asked Dad to draw Aquaman so she could frame it. Note her Aquaman doll.

Jason Momoa: “I’ll see you soon, OK? Happy third birthday.”

Definitely a good birthday for a great gal.

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