Johnnie-U reviews Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’

We sent Johnnie-U to give us his take on Belle and company. We thought he’d be thrilled, but it turned out to be a real drag.

Johnnie put on a lovely brown wig and a resplendent blue cape for his best impersonation of the title character of this tale as old as time. (The Beast’s costume was too expensive.)

In case you were born yesterday, the story goes like this: A pompous prince is put under a spell by an enchantress that turns him into a hideous beast, and the servants in his castle are turned into household items until he can find someone who loves him before the last petal of a magical rose falls.

It just so happens that a beautiful girl named Belle gets imprisoned by the Beast, and his faithful assistants — a candle and a clock — devise a plan to play matchmaker to lift the horrible hex.

This was one magical movie. It’s a smorgasbord for the senses. The visuals were amazing, and the sets and costume design were grandiose.

The visual effects were above and beyond. It was hard after a while to separate reality from fantasy.

Emma Watson was born to play Belle. She is such a beautiful Disney princess.

And the musical numbers just made Johnnie want to burst into song. Just don’t ask him to sing Howard Ashman’s timeless classics.

The only beastly thing Johnnie can say about this flick is that it’s a little too long at just over two hours, but other than that, Disney’s live-action “Beauty and the Beast” is a beaut, so be our guest and head over to theaters to check it out.

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