You know those friends from grade school you’d do anything for? Well, we’re not talking about puppy-sitting or reluctantly agreeing to be maid of honor. In a new thriller, friendships are put to the ultimate test. The best friend you could ever ask for, Alex Miranda, has more.

Girls, the movie “Small Engine Repair” is less about, well, automotive concerns, and more, what’s that word, murder!

Because it turns out, some people are taking that whole ride-or-die friendships thing a little too literally.

“Small Engine Repair” might just look like the casual reunion of three old friends.

John Pollono (as Frank Romanowski): “I got booze. I got beer. We are hanging out tonight.”

At first!

Friend: “Who’s coming over, Frank?”

John Pollono (as Frank Romanowski): “Oh, it’s a kid. He’s coming by.”

John Pollono: “But, there’s a much darker reason towards that. That’s really going to test their friendships and just their entire character.”

John Pollono directs, writes and stars in the film after writing the play a decade ago. He says it’s even more 2021 than it was 2011.

John Pollono: “The technology and the social media angle, as well as the #MeToo movement, as well as people finally having conversations about modern masculinity.”

The story takes a thrilling turn when Frank, father to promising young Crystal, invites a privileged prep schooler to join the party.

John Pollono (as Frank Romanowski): “Guys, this is Chad Walker.”

And then reveals his shocking agenda!

Friend: “What the hell is going on here, Frank?”

John Pollono (as Frank Romanowski): “He ruined Crystal’s life! We’re going to kill him.”

Shea Whigham: “You start out one way at 5 years old, and you don’t know what you’re going to blossom into.”

As far as genre goes, it’s a lot of things.

Jon Bernthal: “It’ll make you laugh out loud. It’ll make you cry, but it’s also unbelievably thrilling and dangerous.”

Jon Bernthal admits it’ll have you thinking about those ride-or-die friendships.

Jon Bernthal: “When you friend really needs you and the chips are down, how far will you go?”

Uh, not that far! But, how about these guys?

Alex Miranda: “Craziest thing that you’ve ever done for your friends?”

John Pollono: “I helped my friend lose his virginity on the Canadian-Maine border in college.”

Oh, goodness.

Jon Bernthal: “I was the friend that he helped. It was a moose, which was weird. It was a beautiful moose.”

They’re not done yet.

Shea Whigham: “I was the guy who actually performs the act on the friend.”

OK, I’m going to go home now, but jokes aside, they all agree on this bro-code.

Shea Whigham: “I can’t say what I’ve done.”

Jon Bernthal: “Part of the deal. You gotta keep that secret.”

John Pollono: “Yeah, exactly.”

“Small Engine Repair” starts playing in theaters this weekend, not at engine repair shops.

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