John Leguizamo brings ‘Latin History for Morons’ to Arsht Center in Miami

John Leguizamo is an actor, writer, performance artist, and now, he’s a teacher. In “Latin History for Morons,” his Tony-nominated one-man show, theatergoers are schooled on 3,000 years of Latino history that was never covered in class.

John Leguizamo: “So yo, tonight’s lesson is ‘Latin History for Morons,’ and that’s you.”

The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami is home this weekend for “Latin History for Morons,” John Leguizamo’s newest one-man production.

He told Deco what it took to make the show work.

John Leguizamo: “I gotta do this perfect dance between information — personal and humor — and then people can take it. Then I can smuggle the information. I gotta seduce you.”

That seduction takes on many forms.

John Leguizamo: “Nobody’s gonna listen to me talk about this stuff if it’s a dry TED talk, you know what I’m saying? I had to make it super funny, physical, charming … And then what’s the best way? Dancing my ass off.”

*Montage of John Leguizamo dancing*

In between all the laughs, John asks some pretty hard questions.

John Leguizamo (in “Latin History for Morons”): “But what happened in the 3,000 years between our great indigenous civilizations and us, man? Did we just stop existing?”

The show is packed with facts that will probably surprise you big time.

John Leguizamo: “I mean, we contributed to the making of this country. I mean, 10,000 unknown Latino patriots fought in World War I.”

Bringing his show to the Magic City is a special kick for John.

John Leguizamo: “I’m at home, man. We got Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Colombians, Nicaraguans, Venezuelans, Ecuadorians, all my Central American people, Mexicans — they’re all gonna be here.”

One more thing: As far as the title goes, John wanted to define his use of the word “moron.”

John Leguizamo: “There’s a difference between ‘moron’ and ‘freakin’ moron.’ Moron is all of us who didn’t learn about the correct American history, and you’re a freakin’ moron if you don’t really care.”


Latin History for Morons

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