John Leguizamo all fired up over new comedy ‘Playing with Fire’

John Leguizamo is fired up over his new movie. The actor’s dealing with a force of nature almost impossible to contain: a pack of kids. Deco talked to John about his new film “Playing with Fire” on South Beach.

John Cena (as Jake Carson): “Gentlemen, we are smoke jumpers. The most elite team of firefighters in the world.”

John Leguizamo, John Cena and Keegan-Michael Key are firefighters on a mission in “Playing with Fire.”

John Leguizamo: “Three firefighters, three tough guys who go in to save this cabin, and they find three children.”

Turns out the kids are orphans, so the guys pull daddy duty.

John Leguizamo: “So we adopt them, and we become three dads all of a sudden, and that’s harder than fighting a fire.”

John Leguizamo (as Rodrigo): “I’m right behind you. Come back!”

The three kids, led by actress Brianna Hildebrand, are a three-alarm blaze. Despite things getting a little heated, John’s character keeps his cool.

Finley Rose Slater (as Zoey): “Sit!”

John Cena (as Jake Carson): “What just happened?”

John Leguizamo (as Rodrigo): “I think the baby just broke your dog.”

John Leguizamo: “So he’s this tough guy from the hood, but he’s the biggest empath in the world. He can’t stand to see a child cry ’cause he starts crying, or if a child is laughing, then he starts laughing. He can’t control his emotions.”

Despite all the safety precautions, John ended up playing with fire — for real — on the set.

John Leguizamo: “You do start to heat up like crazy. I know there was a moment we got really dizzy from the heat. They had to take us out and take off our uniforms and let us air out.”

John Cena (as Jake Carson): “We’re a go for extraction.”

John Leguizamo (as Rodrigo): “Dude.”

“Playing with Fire” sizzles its way into theaters on Friday.

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