What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, and staying in Vegas is the point of stars getting Sin City residencies. You have to be superstar status to get a residency, and Planet Hollywood now has a star who’s more than super. He’s a legend. 

John Legend’s got style, and he totally knows how to put on a show. The legendary singer is lighting up Sin City and stealing hearts with his “Love in Las Vegas” residency.

John Legend: “We had just toured Bigger Love last year, and we were like, ‘Maybe we’ll just do like a suped up version of that tour,’ but then the more we got into it, we kept having more ideas, and it kept getting bigger and bigger, and we decided to fully embrace Vegas and have the production be the biggest one I’ve ever done.”

John kicked things off last Friday. He’s playing tons of his biggest hits. It’s an exciting chapter in his career, and he says it takes a lot to get here.

John Legend: “When you do a Vegas residency, you have to have built up a repertoire, a reputation, a career, that can sustain a residency, and I didn’t think I was ready, you know, five years ago, but I feel like now’s the time.”

John put a lot of time and thinking into putting the show together, so there’s a meaning behind the set list and the staging.

John Legend: “Well, I like to go through the whole repertoire and pick highlights from throughout my career. We cover the whole range of my repertoire, from the ballads that people are getting married to the uptempo songs that we want people to dance to.”

There’s also going to be some surprises.

John Legend: “We decided we wanted to show Vegas what we were working with on this new music. ‘Dope’ is the first single we’re releasing, but we’ve got more to come.”

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