People take the time to do the hair on their head… so why not the hair on your face? When it comes to your eyebrows, they shouldn’t be too thick or too thin– they should be just right.

What can brow do for you? Ask Joey Healy– brow man to the stars.

Joey Healy: "I’m a brow specialist from New York. I have a store in Manhattan and I have bevy of clients, both male and female, and I do their brows. I’m a real purist, and that’s all I do."
With just tweezing, trimming and a little tune up from some make-up, Joey can take someone from from Frieda to finished.

Joey Healy: "I’m really obsessed with eyebrows. I am obsessed with the anatomy and geometry of the face."
He may be based out of New York… but Joey also travels to see clients. And speaking of his clients… Joey works on some pretty high brow eye brows.

Joey Healy: "Vanessa Hudgens, I do her brows. Kyra Sedgwick. Bethenny Frankel."

Word is– eyebrows done right can enhance your facial features.

Joey Healy: "The brow trend for 2016 is a full brow, but it does have a nice arch and a nice tapered tail, so its got a boldness, but not the boldness of the 80s where it’s just wild. There’s a little polish to it."
There are some hints to getting the perfect brow.

Joey Healy: "The best thing is to feel your brow bone and leave the hair, that’s on your bone. Clear the center and the forehead, the temple, the upper eyelid."

And remember– only pluck or cut if you have to.

Joey Healy: "A lot of times people will over shape their brow through wax or excessive trimming and they just feel tortured."

Joey’s got brow tricks– and he also has brow tools.

Joey Healy: "The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection is powders, pencils, it’s a brush, a clear gel, a highlighter, a tweezer and our most important product is a serum that makes your eyebrows grow. It’s called brow renovation serum."

Highlighting plus powder or a pencil can be a brow’s best friend.

Joey Healy: "I think when you’re done with your brow products, you should blend through."

Set them in place, and then face it… you’re good to go.

Joey Healy: "I like brows that feel balanced facially harmonious and natural, but we all know natural is hard to get it take a lot of work."


Joey Healy Eyebrow Studio

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