Joel McHale, Kerry Bishé wrestle with friends jealous of their lustful marriage in ‘Happily’

Forget happy endings.

This week is about a happy beginning at the box office. Or is it?

There’s a new comedy thriller hitting theaters that’s got passion, mystery, betrayal, and murder?!

The cast of “Happily” told Deco: You’ll die laughing.

Joel McHale (as Tom): “I love my wife. She loves me. I enjoy her company, and I am never gonna apologize for that.”))

Joel McHale and Kerry Bishé can’t keep their hands off each other in the new film, “Happily.”

Stephen Root (as Goodman): “You have sex 2.5 times a day on average.”

The two stars play a husband and wife who are head over heels in love.

Kerry Bishé: “It felt like a good thing to put out into this, the world, this idea that a couple could be happily married and continue to be enthusiastically amorous with each other.”

But their nonstop lovefest is bugging their friends.

Joel McHale: “That moment in the movie when they first say ‘We hate you.'”

Natalie Zea (as Karen): “Everyone hates you.”

Joel McHale (as Tom): “We are not the weird ones.”

Kerry Bishé: “They’re doing great! They’re so happy! And the minute that they have this seed of doubt planted, um, is when things really start to go downhill for them.”

Things go south when a weird guy shows up to “fix” the problem, but ends up becoming one.

Stephen Root (as Goodman): “After the injections, you will wake up tomorrow just like everyone else. You’ll feel normal.”

And then there’s a couples retreat with their friends, who may not be all that trustworthy.

Natalie Morales (as Patricia): “We’re gonna have a killer weekend.”

Joel McHale (as Tom): “Does this briefcase look familiar to anyone?”

Joel McHale: “Like it’s a ‘Twilight Zone’ episode with a lot of sex.”

Joel McHale (as Tom): “There’s nothing wrong with us. This is love, baby.”

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