(WSVN) - When it comes to surfing, South Florida doesn’t have much in the way of waves. It’s just kind of flat. But a new board is getting riders out on the water anyway. Deco spent a day checking out Justin Bieber’s favorite new toy — the jet board.

Sure paddle boarding is fun, but if you feel the need for speed… check this out.

Victor Solano of JetSurf USA: “I sell the coolest toy on planet earth. (laughs)”

The JetSurf has the speed of a Jet Ski — and the ride of a surfboard.

Victor Solano: “The jet surf is a high tech motor surf board from the Czech Republic.”

Victor Solano: “It’s a 33 pound board made out of carbon fiber with a high performance two stroke engine in it.”

The board has a top speed of 38 miles an hour — and enough fuel for an hour of riding.

Chris Cruz: “The cool thing is that we live in an area that’s all water — Jet Skis, boats, just another fun toy to get out on the water.”

Victor Solano: “It’s a blast, I grew up surfing. When I saw this thing, I fell in love.”

Celebs are feeling the love… Justin Bieber’s Instagram is blowing up with clips of him riding the JetSurf.

Victor Solano: “We have some celebs like Justin Bieber, Julio Iglesias Jr., Justin Timberlake, Sylvester Stallone they are all Jet Surf enthusiasts.”

One of Justin’s buddies even rode the JetSurf in his pool. Now the board is so popular, the company can’t keep them in stock.

Victor Solano: “So right now we have a 45 day wait for production. Everybody wants these things.”

In case you’re wondering — riding the JetSurf is a little harder than riding a Jet Ski.

Victor Solano: “This is how you control your speed, and the brakes is when you fall.”

Chris Cruz: “It took me two days to learn, because the conditions were very choppy. Your brain needs to focus on maintaining a constant focus on the throttle. So if you can maintain a constant speed on the trigger, the rest is a piece of cake.”

The boards aren’t cheap — around $10,000 for the base model. Still, plenty of people will be catching this wave.

Chris Cruz: “Once people see what it’s all about it’s going to be the next thing, next to the jet ski will be the jet surf.”

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