Every winter, foodies head to South Beach to soak up the sun and fill up at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. This year, one of the festival’s big winners is from our own backyard.

The South Beach Wine and Food Festival is an annual foodie tradition, and one of the highlights is the Burger Bash hosted by Rachael Ray.

Rachael Ray: "Cheers to everyone who has come out with big appetites for a great cause."

This year, the Burger Bash judges gave the top prize to a local burger.

Announcer: "The Very Best Burger Award goes to Jersey Dawg."

Rob Goodman: "A few weekends ago, my little red trailer, not even a food truck, we won the Burger Bash, prestigious award. It had chefs from all around the country competing for this."

You can chow down on their award-winning burger. During lunch, Monday through Friday, Jersey Dawg is set up in Fort Lauderdale, on the corner of Powerline Road and Cypress Creek Road, next to a gas station.

Rob Goodman: "Basically, we bring together all New Jersey comfort foods, a deep fried hot dog called The Ripper and a classic New Jersey slider and natural cut french fries. We do a few things, and we do them really, really good."

They must being doing it well, because celebrity judges like Neil Patrick Harris, Mike Piazza and Natalie Morales gave Jersey Dawg’s burger the seal of approval.

Rob Goodman: "It’s a really, really simple burger. A lot of times, these chefs overthink it. They’ll put, like, tomato jam, foie gras or whatever. This is a really simple burger. It has four ingredients: bread, cheese, fresh ground beef and onions. A little bit of kosher salt, and then you’re done."

Simplicity and a great recipe are how Jersey Dawg beat out guys like Iron Chef Morimoto and weather guy/TV cook Al Roker.

Rob Goodman: "I really just wanted to go there and have these celebrity judges and a whole bunch of people at this place, important people, taste my food. Winning it was gravy."

Jersey Dawg
(305) 582-8849

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