Fox is heading to “The Great North.”

Comedian Jenny Slate is telling Deco how much fun her new job is and fan-girling over co-star Alanis Morissette.

Fox’s “The Great North” introduces the Tobins and their Alaskan adventures.

The voice cast features Nick Offerman, Will Forte, Dulce Sloan and Jenny Slate.

Jenny Slate (as Judy Tobin): “It’s me. Hi!”

Jenny Slate: “What’s really sweet about them is, is not just their very sort of hyper-specific environment, but that their personalities are hilarious and really dear.”

Slate says the show’s Zoom table reads are a laugh a minute.

Jenny Slate: “It’s really kept me in a good zone to be around such funny kind people and to have work to do that, like, I’m at least very confident will make other people happy as well.”

Jenny Slate (as Judy Tobin): “You are finally 16.”

Jenny voices 16-year-old Judy Tobin.

Jenny Slate: “She’s highly artistic and her imagination is just like it’s just firing at all times, and while I was a terrible outdoors person, I was highly imaginative when I was 16, and I also was obsessed with Alanis Morissette.”

Yes, Alanis Morissette is in the show, and Jenny fan-girled over the singer.

Jenny Slate: “When I finally did get to meet her at our first table read, I was like, ‘Just don’t ask for a selfie, just don’t ask for a selfie. Can I have a selfie?'”

Jenny Slate (as Judy Tobin): “Good morning, imaginary best friend Alanis Morissette.”

And in addition to the series, Jenny is pretty busy right now being a new mom!

Jenny Slate: “I plan to write another book. Now, I’m trying to think about that, but also I’ve just had a baby, so it’s mostly just trying to think about like, ‘Is there enough toilet paper upstairs?'”

“The Great North” premieres Valentine’s Day right here on Channel 7.

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