Jedi Academy

To quote Obi-Wan Kenobi, the lightsaber is "an elegant weapon… for a more civilized age." But mastering that elegance isn’t easy. Fortunately in South Florida, padawans can now go from Jedi Knight to Jedi Master… and what better day than May the 4th to learn about the Jedi Academy.

With you, the force is. Yes, hmmm. Learn to fight like a Jedi want to? 

Move over Darth Vader and Yoda… Miami is about to master the lightsaber…. Now you can channel the Force and light up your life.

Joe Robaina: "Jedi Academy is a place where you can come, and if you ever wanted to have Jedi skills, this is the place to do that."

Jedi Academy at Cobra Defense Miami is teaching padawans, also known as wanna-be Jedis, the art of lightsaber combat.

Joe Robaina: "People who want to develop Jedi skills can come and live out that dream."

These aren’t plastic toy lightsabers. 

Joe Robaina: "These are the real deal light sabers. They are made from aircraft grade aluminum. They are made to withstand impact."

But — don’t worry. If they strike you — they won’t burn through you.

Joe Robaina: "They light up, make the sound so it ranks really high on the cool factor." 

First you learn with the lights on, then you get to battle with the lights off.

Joe Robaina: "When the lights go down, those sabers light up. It’s like a three-dimensional propeller coming at you. It’s like a lit up Christmas tree."

And the cool factor is out of this galaxy.

Hunter Adamy: "Honestly, I love it. It teaches you common self-defense for anything out here, and it’s also fun."

It’s no surprise that the Jedi Master for this class, is also a martial arts expert, the skills have a lot in common.

Joe Robaoma: "It’s rooted in martial arts. It’s very similar to fencing."

And it’s not bad on the body either.

Joe Robaina: "At the same time, you’re getting in shape because it has that component to it — you will break a sweat."

You can fight for the dark side or the light. You can be Luke or Leia…

Yoda said it best… Going to Jedi Academy, I am. Hmmmmmm.


Jedi Academy
6262 SW. 8th Street 
Miami, Florida 33144
(800) 289-8188