Breakfast foods are good morning, noon and night, but sometimes, you need a twist on the traditional. That’s where a food truck in Kendall comes in. Grab a fork. We’re getting pancakes.

Jealous Fork wants you to flip for their flap jacks.

Joaquin Ortiz, Jealous Fork: “Jealous Fork is the first artisan pancake food truck in the country.”

The artisan creations aren’t the hot cakes you’re used to.

Joaquin Ortiz: “Ours are really a combination between a pancake and a biscuit. It took us three months to perfect our pancakes. It’s a cool combination of the two.”

These are thicker than traditional pancakes.

Joaquin Ortiz: “If you think about the toppings that go on our pancakes, there is a lot going on there, so you need something sustainable to carry all the ingredients on top of it.”

Some of their treats are sweet, like the Chocolate Oreo Chip.

Joaquin Ortiz: “Who doesn’t like a chocolate chip pancake? We decided to elevate that by baking Oreos into the crust of the pancake, and chocolate chips and an Oreo whip cream on top of that.”

Maria Abrau, customer: “It’s unique. It’s different, and that’s what we are all expecting to see nowadays.”

Or how about the lemon curd and blueberry?

Joaquin Ortiz: “The lemon curd is actually my great grandmother’s recipe. It’s a combination between a custard and a jam. It’s like bright and tart and creamy all at once.”

But then, there are the savory pancakes like the Chicken Thigh High.

Joaquin Ortiz: “We bake corn into the actual pancake, and then we do pulled chicken on top of that and black bean salsa and cilantro.”

It’s their take on Tex-Mex.

Delmon McMillan, customer: “It’s a different sauce other than syrup that you wouldn’t think would go on pancakes, but it works.”

They even have a unique twist on a traditional Vietnamese sandwich.

Joaquin Ortiz: “One of the more unique ideas we came up with is the Pork Belly Bánh Mì, which has cucumbers, cilantro, pickled carrots, on top of the pancake.”

The pancakes will fill you up and cost about $10.

Jealous Fork is usually parked in Kendall, Thursday through Sunday.

Delmon McMillan: “I want more. I really want more.”

Jealous Fork
10700 SW 84th St.
Miami, FL 33173

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