Have you been to The Setai on Miami Beach?  I think it’s gotta be one of the sexiest hotels on the beach.  The design is so zen, the lighting is nice and dim and the warm breeze blowing through the courtyard makes it perfect for a date night drink.  Now you can grab dinner with that drink at Jaya, The Setai’s new upscale Asian restaurant.

Jaya means victory in Sanskrit and Executive Chef Mathias Gervais is delivering a victory with every dish.  You’ll find some favorite Southeast and Northern Asian items on the menu.  Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian, Chinese and Japanese specialties are all well represented here.  Warm up your palette with the clean fresh flavors of the Green Papaya Salad ($18)  The Tandoor Chicken Tikka ($32) is grilled and served over hot stones.

Truffle dumplings ($24) are melt-in-your-mouth to die for.  Everybody’s fave, Pad Thai ($29), comes with prawns and has a touch of sweetness thanks to the tamarind in the sauce.  But if you’re not familiar with the menu get the Thali Platter ($42) it’s a sampling of some of the region’s best dishes so you can go back and order what you (and, hopefully, your

date!) like best.  Don’t forget to get some Garlic Naan bread ($10) to go with all of it and leave room for dessert because Pastry Chef Kimberly Pearson’s treats wrap up the meal beautifully.

So grab somebody sexy tell them hey and take them to Jaya tonight.

Belkys’ Best Bite:  Thali Platter

The Setai
2001 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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