Jason Sudeikis’ dorky football coach travels to UK in new Apple TV+ show

Jason Sudeikis is not a total dork in real life, but he sure plays one really, really, really well on TV. The actor and comedian brings his so corny but so lovable character Ted Lasso to Great Britain in a new Apple TV+ show this Friday.

You know that friend who’s so positive, it’s almost annoying, but also endearing?

Bill Skinner (as Tommy): “Hey, mate, is this you?”

Jason Sudeikis (as Ted Lasso): “I believe it is.”

Bill Skinner (as Tommy): “Wicked. You coaching football? They’re going to murder you.”

Jason Sudeikis plays it to a tee as Ted Lasso, an eternally optimistic American college football coach who gets hired to lead a British football team — meaning soccer for us, since, you know, it’s the UK. Not, like, football-football. Anyway, point being, Ted has no experience in the sport.

Alex Miranda: “Is it now still soccer for you, or is it football? Where do you land on that whole controversy?”

Jason Sudeikis: “Far too often I probably say both. I go, you know, soccer … football, depending on who I’m talking to, because it really gets confusing.”

Jason Sudeikis: “You remember when kids would go study abroad for a semester and come back with an accent? I haven’t gone full Madonna yet.”

Translation: he won’t be calling an apartment a “flat” anytime soon

But while shooting Ted’s epic fail of a first impression on English football fans, premiering on Apple TV+ this Friday…

Jason Sudeikis (as Ted Lasso): “I know that AFC Richmond is going to give you everything they’ve got, win or lose.”

Reporter: “Or tie.”

Jason Sudeikis (as Ted Lasso): “Right! Y’all do ties here.”

…Jason did pick up some local slang.

Alex Miranda: “I’ve never heard the word ‘wanker’ yelled at someone that many times in my life. Bollocks? I’m not even sure I’m allowed to say that right now!”

Jason Sudeikis: “When someone has a good idea or a suggestion of something, people over there will say ‘good shout,’ and there’s something about the shout out and the optimism of it that is very much in character for Ted.”

Good shout. I like that. I gotta use it, but, I mean, the glass isn’t always full for Ted all the time. There is one exception.

Jason Sudeikis (as Ted Lasso): “I always figured that tea was going to taste like hot, brown water, and you know what? I was right. Yeah, it’s horrible. No, thank you.”

“Ted Lasso” becomes available to stream on Apple TV+ on Friday.

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