Jason Statham leads motley crew of thieves for Guy Ritchie’s action thriller ‘Wrath of Man’

It’s always a good idea to lock your car doors, and keep valuables inside the trunk. But what if the threat is in the vehicle?!

In a new action-thriller, Jason Statham plays a cash truck security guard, and he’s probably not going to get employee of the month.

You know those armored cash trucks?

Well, mo money, mo problems, because driving these babies is rarely a joyride.

Especially when Jason Statham takes the wheel! In “Wrath Of Man,” he plays a security guard with mysterious intentions. The marksman surprises his crew with precision skills during a heist. It’s been 15 years since Jason and director Guy Ritchie last worked together.

Jason Statham: “I think I’ve come with a little bit of experience and a bit of… We’re still the same people.”

Jason was a model when Guy cast him in the 1998 British crime comedy “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.”

Jason Statham: “Life is like a big ol’ road map. You’re left, you’re right. You go in different directions.”

Like singer Post Malone, who we should probably start calling “Action Star Post Malone”!

Jason Statham: “We were all shocked to feel that someone like that would want to show up and get a bullet put through his head.”

Holt McCallany plays Bullet, a former soldier who… Well, has a moral range.

Holt McCallany: “Bullet is a very nice guy. He’s also capable of violence.”

Reassuring! But, it turns out, Holt has also had some experience in criminality — as a teenage runaway!

Holt McCallany: “I was 14 years old. I took a greyhound bus to Los Angeles to try to become an actor, and I ended up with a job in a screwdriver factory unloading trucks. And I would steal like 30 pounds of stuff, that I would then sell or trade. The owner wanted to see me in the front office, and I was like, ‘Oh, no! I must be caught,’ and my dad was standing there. And they had tracked me down.”

Alex Miranda: “Best answer ever!”

Laz Alonso’s character, Carlos, is also questionable but filled me in on director Guy’s secret.

Alex Miranda: “You’re really terrified! Like for real.”

Laz Alonso: “For real. What am I doing next?! What is going on?! Shots are flying everywhere! Horns!”

Alex Miranda: “And if you could get your cut of $160 million bucks, what would you do with it?”

Laz Alonso: “I would definitely get a place in Miami.”

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