Jason Derulo pays visit to Boys and Girls Club of Broward County

Jason Derulo is great at making hits, and he’s even better at making friends. That’s what he did while hanging out at his old SoFlo stomping grounds. Deco’s chief stomper Chris Van Vliet has the story.

If you’ve ever heard a Jason Derulo song, you know the correct pronunciation of his name is Jason Derulo. South Florida is home for Jason Derulo and he’s giving back to the place he said made him the man that he is today. We caught up with him at the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County.

It’s a homecoming for pop star Jason Derulo.

Jason Derulo: “I feel like this place made me a better human being. This is the club that I grew up in so to speak and yeah, visit the kids. And they got a chance to learn the choreography to my new song ‘Colors.'”

Jason and world renowned choreographer Jeremy Strong taught everyone the moves to his song “Colors” which is the anthem for this year’s FIFA World Cup.

Jason Derulo: “I wanted to create the song that had the energy of the World Cup, but also spoke on the political state that we’re in as well. The song talks about how there’s beauty in the differences that we all have.”

We got a look at a much smaller Jason when he was a member of the Boys and Girls Club, and while it might be familiar for him here, he said it looks different than how he remembers it.

Jason Derulo: “It’s a little weird to be honest with you. When we were pulling up, I was like, everything looks so much smaller but it’s because I’m so much bigger.”

After everyone nailed the dance moves, Jason sat down to answer questions from the kids and wanted to get one big message across.

Jason Derulo: “They can literally do anything they want to do. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or how much you have in your pocket.”

And it sounds like we’ll be seeing Jason back here sooner rather than later.

Jason Derulo: “I want to make this like a regular thing. I had an amazing, amazing time today and it really inspired me. I want to do more, so much more.”

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