Jason Derulo begins new fashion line

Jason Derulo is branching out with a new fashion line. If you’ve seen him in his videos, in concert or at an awards show, you know he dresses great. And now, you can sport threads that are Jason-approved.

We’ve seen his style in a music video and on the runway. Now Derulo’s fashion line, LVL XIII (Level 13), is in South Florida.

Jason and his fashion partner Antonio Brown attended Bloomingdale’s in Aventura, Thursday night, to show their LVL XIII line.

Jason Derulo: “LVL XIII is my new clothing line. We are launching in Bloomingdale’s, which is a huge deal. I grew up shopping in Bloomingdale’s.”

The singer isn’t just a pretty face. He’s pretty involved, too.

Jason Derulo: “I’m a part of it through and through. From the designs to approving everything.”

For Jason, music and fashion go hand in hand.

Jason Derulo: “I feel like this is a direct representation of what I would look like and what I would want myself to look like.”

This season, LVL XIII has chevron details, darker shades of green and black, and pieces that give you lots of bang for your buck.

There’s a puffer coat that converts into a shorter jacket, and a raincoat that does the same.

Jason Derulo: “We have this jacket that turns into a book bag. You know, you’re kind of cold outside, and you get into a room and it becomes a little warm, you have this jacket and you don’t know what to do. What if you can put that jacket into the book bag within three zips?”

From pro football player and former Miami Hurricane Bryant McKinnie, to fans of all ages, everyone was excited to check out the line and meet the singer.

Bryant McKinnie: “I thought it was dope. I hope they make it big and tall for me.”

Adam Maldonado: “It’s pretty dope. I know Jason has good threads. Everything I saw, it’s on point.”

LVL XIII is available at Bloomingdale’s and costs between $200 and $500. It may be in the men’s department, but ladies, don’t let that stop you.

Jason Derulo: “It is not only for men, but it is a men’s line. But women like to be fly in men’s clothing, and women can be sexy in men’s clothing.”

Looks like it’s time to go shopping for LVL XIII.


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