Jamie Dornan is on the worst vacation ever created. We’re not just talking about the “Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar.” In the new HBO Max show, waking up in a hospital is just the start of one wild ride.

In “The Tourist,” Jamie has no memory of the past after a trucker runs him off the road in the Australian outback, so he’s got to piece together his entire identity, but does he really want to know who he is? Wait until he finds “50 Shades of Gray.”

Talk about a bad vacation! In “The Tourist,” a man, played by Dornan, wakes up in the Australian outback with no memory.

So, with the help of an officer who has only one week of experience…

Danielle MacDonald: “She’s learning, as I’m learning, how to be a cop.”

He’s got to figure out who he is before his past catches up with him.

Jamie Dornan: “You are learning with him, and in such a peculiar way, and just when you think you have a handle on what it is that’s happening…”

It gets flipped, just like his car.

Jamie Dornan: “It’s a terrifying notion, though isn’t it?”

It is, so don’t even try to ask him the hypothetical of if he woke up with no memory.

Alex Miranda: “Do you think that you would live your life differently?”

Jamie Dornan: “I think I’ve got to say no to that. I’m very happy with where I am.”

Jamie is married to musician Amelia Warner; they have three adorable daughters.

Jamie Dornan: “If I woke up and I came downstairs and my wife was someone different and my kids were different people, that is horrible. That would give me a nightmare.”

I mean, could he be more likable?

Danielle MacDonald: “They have a driver for him so that he can sleep in the car on the way home just to spend one day with his kids, and then come back to the outback.”

OK, so what is he? Just flawless?

Danielle: “He’s such a good dad, such a good family man but also just a really nice guy.”

Well, except…

Jamie Dornan: “Some people have like, cool names. I never felt like I had a cool name.”

He hated his name growing up.

Jamie Dornan: “On my birth certificate I’m James, but I was always called Jamie. I’ve always felt that Jamie was too child-like.”

But then when he started acting…

Jamie Dornan: “I felt that Dornan was a really, like it was just one of those names, it just wouldn’t work in any kind of way.”

So, you know, if he woke up with no memory and had to choose a new one…

Jamie Dornan: “I always wanted to be called Jack. I always like the name Jack. I also thought Jack was very solid.”

“The Tourist” starts streaming on HBO Max, Thursday.

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