The James Beard awards are like the Oscars for the culinary world. This year, some Miami chefs were honored with a James Beard nomination. One of those chefs just happens to be launching a decadent monthly dinner where he’ll personally cook you a mulch-course meal.  

Ever wanted a meal personally cooked by one of Miami’s celebrated chefs?

Michael Pirolo, Delicious Dishes: "It’s a lot of courses, and it’s a lot of dishes in each course, but they’re all pretty much one-biters, so it’s a lot of fun and you get to try a lot of different things."

Michael Pirolo of Bazi in South Beach has come up with a way to delight your taste buds.

Michael Pirolo: "The event we’re launching this month is our Kaiseki dinner. It’s a multicourse tasting menu that focuses on seasonality, quality ingredients and with very little manipulation to said ingredient."

Once a month, starting tomorrow, you can taste your way through as many as 12 magical courses, each paired with the perfect drink.

William Rivas, Drink Up: "It’s gonna range from sakes to wines, to teas, to all different types of things like that."

As for the food…

Michael Pirolo: "Dont wanna give away too many secrets because the whole point of it is that its a surprise."

We got the chef to show us some of tomorrow’s menu. To start, a sashimi plate with yellowtail hamachi, torched tuna tataki, and poached Alaskan king crab.

William Rivas: "This is a sake, it’s a Honjozo, so it’s added alcohol and we infused it with pineapple."

Cheers! Next dish…

Michael Pirolo: "Yellow prawn from Key West, and we’re wrapping it in a five-spice cured largo. We’re serving it with enoki mushrooms and yuzu coshu which is fermented yuzu."

Paired with a chardonnay. And your evening is just getting started.

Michael Pirolo: "Starting left to right, we have a nustersian filled dumpling, in the center we have a pork and shrimp gyoza, and finally the butternut squash dumpling with sesame seeds and water spinach."

To wash it down…

William Rivas: "We’re gonna be doing a zhao zhing old fashioned. I infused lemongrass into bourbon, we sued a calamancy honey, and Chinese five-spice bitters."

The experience is $150 per person. Not bad for a night of gourmet heaven!

Michael Pirolo: "It’s 10 courses, but you’re actually getting 14 dishes. So plan on your night being two and a half to three hours."

1200 Collins Avenue, Miami, FL 33139
(305) 695-0101

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