Jamaica and Italy are two very beautiful — and very different — countries. If they meet at all, it’s usually on the soccer field. These days, the cuisines of both places are joining forces at a new restaurant in Hollywood, and the big winners are South Florida foodies.

Penne Alfredo topped with jerk chicken.

Pappardelle pasta smothered in oxtail short ribs.

Italy and Jamaica come together in delicious ways at Kona Kitchen & Bar in Hollywood.

Kerwayne Clough, co-owner: “Fuse dishes that the area’s not really used to seeing, and creating a vibe that no other restaurant has in the area right now.”

The idea to combine cuisines was a no-brainer for the folks at this Caribbean fusion eatery.

Kerwayne Clough: “Downtown Hollywood, going through this renaissance with the restaurants in the area, needed something with a Caribbean flavor but still had the classiness of, like, Italian dishes.”

It doesn’t matter which food you’re a fan of — once you dig into one of these dishes, you’ll be hooked.

Kerwayne Clough: “I don’t know if they love the Italian part or the Caribbean part, but the two fused together, it’s creating flavors that people aren’t used to.”

The concept wouldn’t work if the food wasn’t true to its roots.

This is the real deal.

Kerwayne Clough: “When I tell you it’s authentic, it’s authentic, made from scratch, original Caribbean, Jamaican oxtails. When I tell you it’s authentic pasta, it’s made from scratch.”

Kona offers some straight-up Jamaican delicacies.

The deep-fried snapper is one of the specialties of the house.

Kerwayne Clough: “People love the snapper mainly because, first of all, it’s a nice portion sized snapper.”

That deep-sea delicacy is part of the King Plate, a massive feast including tostones, fried chicken, mac and cheese, rice and beans and fried shrimp.

If you’re vegan, the ackee and callaloo flatbread is calling your name.

Kerwayne Clough: “We want foodies that love food and love to try different things.”

You know you’re gonna get thirsty.

The bar turns out great cocktails, like the three-rum punch and the very colorful Kona Oasis.

At Kona Kitchen & Bar, it’s all about having a good time — and a great meal.

Customer: “The ambiance is absolutely phenomenal, and the food was awesome. It’s not over-seasoned, perfectly cooked fresh.”


Kona Kitchen & Bar
1900 Harrison St.
Hollywood, FL 33020

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