Jake Gyllenhaal is out to save the day in his Netflix movie “The Guilty.” We won’t give away the ending, but we can tell you Jake probably didn’t have any problems with his co-stars during filming because he barely saw them.

Jake Gyllenhaal (as Joe Baylor): “911, this is emergency operator 625.”

Caller: “I’ve just been robbed.”

Jake Gyllenhaal (as Joe Baylor): “OK sir, I need to know where you are. Last name?”

Being a 911 operator can be a stressful job, just ask Jake Gyllenhaal.

Caller: “Is this the fire department?”

Jake Gyllenhaal (as Joe Baylor): “No ma’am, you’ve reached 911, but I can connect you to fire, just hold the line.”

Gyllenhaal is 911 operator Joe Baylor.

He answers the tough calls in Netflix’s “The Guilty.”

Jake Gyllenhaal (as Joe Baylor): “911, what is the address of your emergency?”

When an emergency call turns into a race to save a kidnapped woman, Jake tries to save the day!

Woman: “I just want to talk to you.”

Jake Gyllenhaal (as Joe Baylor): “OK, I’m hanging up.”

Woman: “I’m just out for a drive, sweetie, OK?”

Jake Gyllenhaal (as Joe Baylor): “Is there someone with you?”

Woman: “Uh-huh.”

There are a handful of co-stars in the flick, but for the majority of the movie, Jake’s a one-man show.

Jake Gyllenhaal: “Though the movie plays on me for a lot of it and on my face, to me, it’s a movie about listening.”

Ugh, listening means paying attention, and I’m trying to chill!

Jake Gyllenhaal: “I think inevitably, pretty early on, the audience’s imagination should switch on, and the sounds, this is a heavy sound movie, starts to play in their own mind.”

Since most of the movie involves Jake on the phone, you don’t see who’s on the other end, so Director Antoine Fuqua had to make sure every word sounded suspenseful.

Antoine Fuqua: “As far as the keeping it intense and the thriller of it all, because it is about listening, and every little thing you say gives something away.”

Good thing Jake’s pretty to look at because his steely gaze will keep everyone watching.

Jake Gyllenhaal: “You start to picture what he’s picturing and what he’s going through and how he can see things.”

Jake Gyllenhaal (as Joe Baylor): “Do you have air support available?”

First responder: “Negative. Air support is grounded due to fire weather.”

Jake Gyllenhaal (as Joe Baylor): “There is a scared little girl whose mother has been abducted!”

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