Now that travel is opening up, how about a summer in a small Italian town? That’s the dream for two boys in Pixar’s latest animated adventure.

The stars of “Luca” tell Deco the film’s about fun, friendship and being yourself — even if you’re a scaly sea monster!

Maya Rudolph (as Daniela Paguro): “We do not go anywhere near the surface!”

Too bad Luca and his friend Alberto aren’t listening. Since they both look human when they are dry, they did the opposite.

Not only did they swim to the surface, they went into the nearest town to explore and ended up meeting a new friend named guilia.

Emma Berman (as Giulia): “This is my dad.”

Jack Dylan Grazer (as Alberto): “What do you think he kills with those?”

Marco Barricelli (as Massimo): “Anything that swims.”

Jacob Tremblay and Jack Dylan Grazer are the voices the boys and say they identify with their characters.

Jacob Tremblay: “I think what we all can relate to that a lot, especially because of COVID, you know. We all want to get out there and go to Italy on a Vespa, right, and pasta in one hand, while eating gelato in the other, while on a Vespa at the same time. That’s the dream.”

Jack Dylan Grazer: “We’re both very impulsive decision makers.”

Jack Dylan Gazer (as Alberto): “You got a Bruno in your head.”

Jacob Tremblay (as Luca): “A Bruno?”

Jack Dylan Grazer (as Alberto): “Say ‘Silencio, Bruno!'”

Jack Dylan Grazer: “With the whole ‘Silencio Bruno’ thing, I think is really, it’s really crucial. I’ve been thinking that way since… God, I can’t remember, but I’ve always been silencing Bruno my whole life.”

Jack Dylan Grazer (as Alberto): “Andiamo!”

Both young actors say they’re “on board” with the film’s messages.

Jack Dylan Grazer: “The importance of friendship, and the importance of not dressing the part for anybody but yourself, and being at peace with your authentic self and, and being comfortable in your own skin.”

Emma Berman (as Giulia): “There’s a million things you think you can’t do. All you need is a chance to try.”

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