Truffles are the reason for the season. And this season, you can get a unique taste of truffles served up Italian style.

Autumn is an awesome time to fall in love with truffles.

Toscana Divino at Mary Brickell Village wants you to taste truffles from start to finish.

Mauro Bortignon, Toscana Divino: “For the fall, we are doing a special truffle menu.”

Fall is prime time for Italian truffles.

Mauro Bortignon: “It’s a tuber that looks like a potato, but tastes like a mushroom.”

And now, truffle lovers in SoFlo get to experience this tuber a half dozen times.

Mauro Bortignon: “It’s a six course truffle extravaganza. Six small dishes and six different things for your palate.”

Start your meal with a dwarf Italian peach and shaved black truffle, served perfectly for your senses.

Mauro Bortignon: “Once you put the wine glass near your nose, you will smell the truffle and bite the little peach, and that will give you a lot of flavor.”

Move on to a poached egg topped with truffle.

Mauro Bortignon: “For some reason, eggs are really good compliment with the truffle.”

Then try the veal tartar topped with freshly shaved white truffle.

Mauro Bortignon: “We use two types of truffles. We use the black truffle and the white truffles. The white truffles are the best ones in the market.”

Dive into pasta with truffle shaved table side.

And meat lovers will love the filet with black truffle sauce, kale and mashed potatoes.

Mauro Bortignon: “The reason why truffle are special is because they grow on their own. It’s very, very difficult to harvest truffle.”

And, finish out with something sweet.

Mauro Bortignon: “We do a lollipop, simple chocolate. Fresh cherry inside and then we dust the black truffle.”

The cost of Toscana Divino’s truffle dinner experience is $150 per person, and you better get it before it’s gone.

Mauro Bortignon: “The season for the truffle is only for fall, so we will run the special until the season ends.


Toscana Divino at The Shops at Mary Brickell Village
900 S Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33130
(305) 930-6873

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