It’s opening night at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. The event is back in person, and it’s cooking something special for local foodies. Deco’s Joe Roetz is in the middle of the action with the deets.

To kick off the culinary fun, more than 24 restaurants celebrated all things Italy as part of Italian Bites on the Beach, beachside at the Delano Hotel, Thursday night.

Among the local restaurants taking part in the event is Carbone.

Chef Mario Carbone: “We’ve got a ‘Lady and the Tramp’ booth over here.”

Joe Roetz: “Oh, very nice. This is where you can come in, have some spaghetti, sip it in. Let’s talk a little bit about this delicious-looking dish here. Tell me what this is.”

Chef Mario Carbone: “We’re serving our meatballs tonight with marinara sauce, Carbone marinara sauce, same meatballs we serve at the restaurant: beef, veal, pork, secret blend of spices. We’re excited to be here.”

Joe Roetz: “I haven’t eaten yet today, and it’s taking everything I have it in me to — trust me, I’ll be revisiting that in just a moment. So talk to me a little but about about how exciting it is to be here, part of the Wine and Food Festival. Obviously, it’s been a difficult year for the hospitality industry, to be here, to see so many people and to be able to get your business out there.”

Chef Mario Carbone: “Yeat, it’s great to be back, it’s great to have events like this, where people are here, and it feels like the first of its kind. We’ve been to this event before, but this is the first year we’re here as owners and operators of a Miami restaurant, so it’s kind of our native festival now, which is a really nice feeling.”

South Beach Wine and Food Festival
May 20-23

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