Interplanetary romance blasts off in ‘Space Between Us’

This weekend, moviegoers get a love story that’s out of this world. Asa Butterfield and Britt Robertson star in “The Space Between Us,” and Deco’s own space cadet, Chris Van Vliet sat down with them.

Britt Robertson (as Tulsa): “So, uh, Gardner. You’re from Mars?”

Asa Butterfield (as Gardner Elliot): “Yeah.”

Yeah, Asa Butterfield’s character, Gardner, is from Mars, which technically does make him a Martian, but not in the way you’d expect.

Asa Butterfield (as Gardner Elliot): “My mother was an astronaut. She died on Mars giving birth to me.”

Can you imagine experiencing everything on Earth for the first time? That’s what happens when Gardner finally leaves Mars.

Asa Butterfield (as Gardner Elliot): “Whoa! What is that?”

Britt Robertson (as Tulsa): “It’s just a horse.”

Asa Butterfield: “It’s kind of got a sci-fi element. It’s a road trip. It’s a love story. I think, most of all, it’s a coming-of-age film about this boy learning to be human and find out where he belongs.”

While he was on Mars, Gardner met Tulsa, played by Britt Robertson, online, and despite the distance, they realize they have a lot in common — so, of course, when he finally does get to Earth, he does whatever he can to find her.

Asa Butterfield (as Gardner Elliot): “I was scared I wouldn’t know how to be human. You made me human.”

Britt Robertson: “It is a love story, but it’s a story about family, and it’s a story about people and humans, and it’s got space and action and emotions and happiness, and it’s kind of a fun-filled experience.”

A fun-filled and nerve-wracking experience for Britt.

Britt Robertson: “I always promised myself that I would never take a role where I had to sing. Unfortunately, I found out that I was going to have to sing after I took the movie.”

Woman: “Tell me where you’re really from.”

Asa Butterfield (as Gardner Elliot): “Mars. Just because something sounds crazy doesn’t mean it’s not true.”

Asa tells me that at the heart of this movie is a message that anyone can relate to.

Asa Butterfield: “How you can be a human and still feel so alien around people, and that’s what Gardner is. He’s out of place, and he feels out of place, and he kind of looks out of place as well.”

Asa Butterfield (as Gardner): “What’s your favorite thing about Earth?”

Britt Robertson (as Tulsa): “You are, Gardner.”

“The Space Between Us” is in theaters on Friday, Feb, 3, and I’m sorry, but I can’t say that title without thinking of the Dave Matthews song “The Space Between.”

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