International restaurant Hutong opens new location in Brickell

Dining. Ambiance. Instagram-worthy decor. A new South Florida restaurant is checking off all the boxes, and we stopped by for dinner and a show.

At the brand new Hutong in Brickell, come for the food, stay for the wall.

The restaurant has locations in Hong Kong, London, New York and, now, Miami.

David Tang, Hutong: “Our restaurants are in major cities. We felt Brickell was the right fit for us.”

We’ll get to the food in a sec, but first, you gotta check out this impressive architecture.

A lot of it was handmade and imported from China.

David Tang: “It’s really important that the restaurant, visually, is stunning to pair with the food and the service here.”

And the real star is the wall. It’s 70 feet of entertainment in the form of a light show as well as a bit of an optical illusion.

David Tang: “What the artist has done is he’s used lights and shadows to make the doors look like they open and close.”

It makes for the perfect photo op.

Gabrielle Santana, customer: “While you’re at dinner, you’re actually getting some entertainment, which is really cool. It’s a nice vibe to Miami.”

As for the menu, Hutong is serving up some Peking duck — carved tableside — and another popular dish called the red lantern.

David Tang: “We use five soft shell crabs, which we wok fry with five spices and dry chilis.”

Gabrielle Santana: “It was absolutely delicious. I love the kick that the crab has, and I love that you can eat it without trying to break a normal crab.”

This scallop dish is exclusive to the Brickell menu. Lucky us.

Savina DiBenedetto, customer: “It was well prepared and perfectly cooked. A great bite.”

And they’ve got cocktails, too, like the Comfortably Numb, which actually has a slight numbing effect on your lip!

Savina DiBenedetto, customer: “I was like, ‘This doesn’t have a numbing effect,’ and then, you’re like, ‘Oh, there it is.’ I thought it added to the experience and also really complimented a lot of the spicy food.”

Hutong is like a one-stop shop for your senses thanks to not only dinner but the wall.

Savina DiBenedetto: “It brings a nice atmosphere, and lighting is everything in a restaurant.”


Hutong Miami
600 Brickell Ave.
Miami, FL 33131

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