Inspirational drama ‘Priceless” celebrates faith, family

Light and breezy is not the way people are describing “Priceless.” The movie’s got a stone-cold serious core, but it’s wrapped in faith and family.

Joel Smallbone (as James Stevens): “We’re all on a journey. I guess somewhere along the way I took a wrong turn.”

James Stevens is trying to turn his life around in “Priceless.”

Joel Smallbone (as James Stevens): “I just for once wanted to do the right thing.”

Joel Smallbone: “He’s a normal fella. He’s just had tragic circumstance strike him. He lost this wife and became very bitter as a result. Through a long list of terrible circumstances, he finds himself driving a transportation truck. Doesn’t know what’s in the back. Finds out it’s two girls.”

And that’s when the story really takes off. James tries his best to save the girls, failing along the way.

The film touches some heavy subjects — like human trafficking. But at the end, it’s all about faith and family.

Joel Smallbone: “You got a father/daughter relationship, you got two sisters, you got the love of a man and a woman in this.”

And speaking of faith, you may have recognized the guy who plays the main character. He’s Joel Smallbone, part of the Christian pop duo For King and Country.

Just like the band, this film was also a family affair.

Joel Smallbone: “My brother Ben directed it. My brother Luke, who makes up the other half of the band I’m in, For King and Country, he’s one of the producers.”

Joel Smallbone, David Koechner
Joel Smallbone, David Koechner

“Priceless” also stars one of our favorite comedians: David Koechner.

David Koechner (as Dale): “You looking for sympathy? Not here.”

For this movie, Koechner left the humor at home.

David Koechner: “Dale is a motel owner, and he comes across James and knows what he’s up to, and then challenges him to become a better human.”

Turns out David is all about his kids, and maybe that’s why he took the job.

David Koechner: “Obviously, the material is something that’s very heartbreaking. My wife and I have five children. Three of them are daughters, and just to be able to imagine them in that situation for one second was heart-wrenching.”

So, is there anything better than the love you share with your family?

Joel Smallbone: “I gotta tell you, it’s just been really beautiful. I mean, you have your moments, for sure, but the trust and the depth of understanding you have with each other, and the candor and the honesty, you just can’t buy that sort of thing.”

And that right there is just priceless.

“Priceless” is now playing in theaters.

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