Inside the crossover between ‘New Girl’ and ‘Brooklyn 99’

(WSVN) - “New Girl” is popping up in a new place. Brooklyn. Tonight, two comedies collide in a crossover episode.

Here’s a look.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “New Girl” are coming together for a special crossover episode.

The cast of both shows giving up the deets.

Hannah Simone: “We have to figure out how to get New Girl to the East Coast, so Schmidt is being honored by his high school. So we all go out there to support him and it’s a big story line for Cee Cee ’cause she has to learn how to handle a very overbearing mother-in-law.”

Chelsea Perette: “Shenanigans ensue on any crossover, it’s a given. Shenanigans, and then you stack a little more shenanigans on there, and then you throw a little Gina Nigeti in the mix. Throw some cabs and police cars and Jake and all of a sudden you have witty repartee.”

Joe Lo Truglio says: “Nick and Winston, who are rumbustious and energetic and carnivores, are in the subway and they run out of money and need to make some money. Boils, who’s spending some time with his son, goes down to the subway and sees them. What is this, juggling perhaps? Maybe not and he wants to be part of the show.”

Lamorne Morris: “Shirtless.”

While the cast members had a great time working together, there was a friendly competition over chemistry…

Lamorne Morris: “We just have a great chemistry with the cast. We genuinely like each other.”

Joe Lo Truglio: “We don’t have that.”

Lamorne Morris: “You don’t. Yeah I heard about the problems on your show, but on our show we really do like and love each other.”

Joe Lo Truglio: “Humble brag.”

Lamorne Morris: “It’s not really humble either. It’s very arrogant. When they call cut, we hug.”

The comedy crossover gets underway in with “Brooklyn 99” at 8 p.m. and “New Girl” at 8:30 p.m., both right here on 7.

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