Inhale Miami in Little Haiti offers yoga on chairs

Yoga can be a little intimidating for newcomers, so having something to balance on for stability can help. Believe it or not, chair yoga is a real thing, and it’s something that everyone can do without feeling overwhelmed.

Inhale Miami in Little Haiti simply won’t stand for yoga making people feel intimidated.

That’s why the studio offers chair yoga!

Rikki Kamensky, yoga instructor: “Chair yoga is a way to make yoga accessible. Whether you are older, whether you have injuries, whether you have health problems or joint problems — this is something that everybody can do.”

Most of the positions and movements in chair yoga are not as involved as mat yoga, but the health benefits are still there.

Rikki Kamensky: “You will feel stretched out, you will feel more flexible, you will have increased your range of motion, and you will have improved your circulation.”

Not to mention how soothed you’ll feel after the session.

Gerri Sternfeld, participant: “I’m feeling great, very relaxed. I got really good stretches across my back that I don’t even get in normal floor yoga.”

You may actually be doing chair yoga on a regular basis at work without realizing it.

Rikki Kamensky: “You feel a little crimp in your neck or you feel a tightness in your back — just doing a gentle twist in your chair might seem like something you don’t even think about.”

That’s why chair yoga can be great for an office environment.

Rikki Kamensky: “That will increase productivity, increase creativity and give a little bit of rejuvenation after sitting in a chair for eight hours.”

While it’s geared toward newcomers, yogis can definitely enjoy it too, and that’s the point — chair yoga is for everyone.

Rae Indigo, participant: “Chair yoga is awesome. It’s super available for a lot of poses, and it pulls out some of the stress and strain of trying to balance on the mat.”

Jimmy Egas, participant: “I’ve never done yoga before, but I’ve definitely done a lot of stretching. This kind of implemented the stretching part of your physical body but also your soul, so it was very relaxing.”

Rikki from Inhale Miami will come to you for chair yoga classes.

Like we mentioned, it’s good for office and corporate environments.


Inhale Miami
6310 NE 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33138

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