Ice cream, cake, chocolates and churros. How is someone with a sweet tooth supposed to pick just one for dessert?! If you’re on Calle Ocho, you don’t have to settle for just one because it’s a street lined with desserts.

Churromania’s newest location is feeling right at home.

Calle Ocho is now kind of like “Dessert Row” with three popular spots all within walking distance of each other.

Ariel Acosta Rubio, founder/CEO: “Little Havana has been growing and growing and been better in the last four or five years, and I think Churromania will embrace and give more diversity to the people.”

If you couldn’t tell by the name, Churromania is all about churros, and they’ve got mouthwatering creations like the crispy sundae, which starts with churro pieces.

Ariel Acosta Rubio: “Then, we give you two scoops of ice cream, and then we put two loops of churros on the top, and then we glaze it.”

There’s also the ice cream sandwich. It’s round churros with ice cream in the middle.

Terry Velasquez, customer: “This is amazing. It truly is amazing. The churro is warm, and the ice cream is really cold inside. It’s very good.”

And check out the Churro Dog. It’s not technically dessert, but come on! It’s a hot dog with a churro as the bun!

Not even a block away is Azucar Ice Cream Company.

Patricia De La Rosa, manager: “It is an iconic place, and we have flavors that will take you back to your childhood and just make you very happy.”

This is freshly-made ice cream with SoFlo flavors like key lime pie or the Abuela Maria with Maria Cookies and guava.

Patricia De La Rosa: “It’s trademarked, and it’s something that people come from all over the place to eat.”

Jaloni, customer: “The guava sauce is the best thing about this ice cream. I taste the vanilla. It tastes good. All that.”

It’s so popular that it also comes as a cake!

Patricia De La Rosa: “I’ve yet to cut one — except for today — because every time, we sell them, we sell them, we sell them, and I don’t try them, but I don’t need to because the ice cream is spectacular, and it’s going to be beautiful in a cake.”

Exquisito Chocolates is a stone’s throw away.

Carolina Quijano, owner: “We bring cacao from different farms, and we manufacture everything here in Little Havana and turn it into bonbons and different chocolate confections.”

Wouldn’t you know it — they also have Miami-themed flavors.

Carolina Quijano: “We have a collection we call our Truffle Shuffle, which is different flavored bonbons. Everything from our Little Guavana to our Miami Vice, which is dulce de leche and cafe con leche.”

Calle Ocho is a good place to be if you’ve got a sweet tooth.

Carolina Quijano: “You can sort of go from one place to the next conveniently and try out very different desserts.”


1417 Southwest 8th St.
Miami, Florida 33135

Azucar Ice Cream Company
1503 SW 8th St.
Miami, FL 33135

Exquisito Chocolates
2606 SW 8th St.
Miami, FL 33135

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