‘Incredibles 2’ cast gives Deco voice acting 101 tips

A lot went into the making of the biggest animated movie of the year, and it starts with the voice work. The cast of “Incredibles 2” took Deco behind the scenes and reminded us that, while you might be able to wear your pajamas to work, voice acting is actual work.

Holly Hunter (as Elastigirl): “Bye, sweetie.”

Craig T. Nelson (as Bob Parr): “I’ll watch the kids, no problem.”

You can’t have a successful animated movie without great voice actors, and those voice actors can’t be successful without a great script.

Holly Hunter: “There was no script.”

Wait, what?

Holly Hunter: “We would just come in and there’d be these pieces of cardboard on a music stand.”

Craig T. Nelson: “Yeah, it was terrible. I still wanna see a script! I just wanna see how close we came to what we thought we were gonna do.”

They’re not joking! It turns out that Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter’s job of bringing Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl to life is more complicated than you’d expect.

Craig T. Nelson: “You’re just getting little bits and pieces.”

Holly Hunter: “Basically Brad [Bird] just describes to us what the scene is about.”

Brad Bird: “So it’s sort of impressive at first, and then you realize it’s a highly impractical house.”

Holly Hunter: “Right.”

Brad is writer/director Brad Bird, who actually guided his voice actors through the entire movie.

They had the lines…

Craig T. Nelson (as Bob Parr): “The fresh air is especially good tonight.”

But he had all the context to fill in the gaps.

Brad Bird: “Maybe make it a little bit like a commercial.”

Craig T. Nelson (as Bob Parr): “The fresh air is especially good tonight!”

Brad Bird: “Excellent!”

And while the cast wasn’t necessarily thrilled about being left the in dark, they trusted the process.

Brad Bird: “Then Bob says, ‘Well, where’d you go today? I noticed you missed all the fun.'”

Samuel L. Jackson: “Don’t be mad because I know when to leave a party!”

Take it from Samuel L. Jackson, who reprised his role as ice-shooting superhero, Frozone.

Samuel L. Jackson: “They’ll say shoot the ice flow with a ‘haaaaaaaaaaa’ and not a ‘taaaaaaaaa’ and you’re just like, ‘OK, so I’m not quite sure what Brad’s looking for sometimes,’ but you just do it.”

In a way, the cast knew about as much about the movie as the audience did.

Holly Hunter: “Seeing the film really for the first time, it was mind-blowing.”

Craig T. Nelson: “That’s territory I don’t like being in. I like knowing where I’m a. But it turns out being incred … Incredible.”

“Incredibles 2” is out in theaters now.

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