‘Incredibles 2’ cast discuss their favorite superheroes

Sequels in Hollywood are a dime a dozen, but there’s finally one hitting theaters that fans have actually been clamoring for. “Incredibles 2” is here, 14 years after the original. This one picks up right where “The Incredibles” left off. We put on our super suits and flew to L.A. to speak with the incredi-cast.

Holly Hunter (as Helen Parr): “You know it’s crazy, right? To help my family, I have to leave it. To fix the law, I gotta break it.”

The crime-fighting Incredibles family is back — led by Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, aka Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter, who got in great shape to reprise their characters.

Holly Hunter: “A lot of time in the gym.”

Craig T. Nelson: “Yeah, haha.”

In the sequel, billionaire siblings — who love the Incredibles — recruit the family in hopes of lobbying politicians to lift the ban on superheroes.

Bob Odenkirk (as Winston Deavor): “We need to change people’s perceptions about superheroes.”

Those siblings are voiced by Bob Odenkirk and Catherine Keener, who were big superhero fans growing up.

Bob Odenkirk: “I liked Batman. He was funny, very funny on that TV show.”

Catherine Keener: “Mighty Mouse.”

Bob Odenkirk: “Oh, I loved Mighty Mouse!”

Catherine Keener: “Mighty Mouse was awesome.”

Bob Odenkirk: “I liked Superman, but I don’t think I would’ve liked him in real life. I think he would’ve been kind of a jerk.”

And since Catherine is from Miami, we asked her what superpower she would bring to the 305.

Catherine Keener: “The humidity, I would maybe cut the…

Bob Odenkirk: “Yeah, The Dehumidifier! The Dehumidifier!”

Catherine Keener: “Oh my God, that’s so good!”

Bob Odenkirk: “That’s who I would be.”

Catherine Keener: “That’s amazing!”

This summer, Bob Odenkirk is … The Dehumidifier!

But back to the actual movie, where the Incredibles are discovering that Baby Jack-Jack also has powers!

Raising a baby that doesn’t have superhuman abilities is daunting enough!

Holly Hunter: “The never-ending exhaustion. I mean, that the baby can possibly stay up all night, into the next day.”

Craig T. Nelson: “Our parents had to deal with us, with sleep deprivation.”

Samuel L. Jackson, who voices the Incredibles’ friend, Frozone, had a different challenge when his daughter was just starting to crawl.

Samuel L. Jackson: “She figured out a safe way to actually sit at the top of the stairs, make her body stiff and slide down the steps. The first time she did it, it totally freaked me out. And if some other woman was there, they would just lose their mind, like, ‘Oh my Goooood!'”

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“Incredibles 2” is booming into theaters on Wednesday.

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