If you like hell, “The Exorcist” is for you. FOX’s new show is a new take on the scary movie from 1973. Just watch this little sample. The power of Deco compels you!

If you thought the 1973 classic horror film “The Exorcist” was scary, wait until see the TV version!

FOX is scaring up its own 10-part version of “The Exorcist” on Friday nights.

Geena Davis (as Angela Rance): “There is something inside my house. It’s a demon.”

Alfonso Herrera (as Father Tomas Ortega): “A demon?”

Geena Davis (as Angela Rance): “And it’s trying to take my daughter.” (crow flies into window) “Oh, my God!”

The show stars Academy Award-winning actress, Geena Davis.

Geena Davis: “When I accepted the role, in the trades, the headline was, ‘FOX compels Geena Davis,’ which is another catchphrase from the movie.”

The story centers around a mother of two, played by Davis, who asks a local priest for help because she thinks her house is possessed. That priest is played by actor Alfonso Herrera, and he finds out it’s not just the house that has a problem.

Alfonso Herrera (as Father Tomas Ortega): “You’re afraid?”

Ben Daniels (as Father Marcus Keane): “Yeah, and you should be, too.”

Geena Davis: “This is not a remake or a reimagining. This is the same world. It’s just like 40 years later and, uh-oh, it’s happening to a different family, and then it’s just going to get bigger and bigger.”

Veteran actor Alan Ruck stars, too.

Alan Ruck: “I think people who want to get their scare on will be pleased, and it also works as a psychological thriller.”

Whether you’re a believer or not, the cast says it is a fascinating ride.

Geena Davis: “We see much more how this happens and what it looks like, but also it kind of expands beyond our family as we go on, and it becomes much bigger…”

Alan Ruck: “Bigger swath of evil.”

Geena Davis: “Crisis of evil.”

You can catch “The Exorcist” Fridays at 9 p.m., right here on 7.

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