In ‘Service,’ Miles Teller portrays soldier struggling with PTSD

“Thank You for Your Service” tells the story of the battles men and women deal with when they return from war. Deco’s Chris Van Vliet just returned from Los Angeles, where he talked to the cast.

The movie is called “Thank You for Your Service,” but I learned from the men and women that this movie is based on that the term can actually be a bit offensive. I also learned that sometimes life back at home can be harder than it was fighting a war overseas.

Miles Teller (as Adam Schumann): “I was a good solider. I had purpose, and I loved it.”

“Thank You for Your Service” is a movie about the Iraq War, but it takes place here in the U.S.

Miles Teller (as Adam Schumann): “I’m home with my favorite girls. It’s perfect, baby.”

Miles Teller stars in this true story of soldiers attempting to readjust to life back home.

Chris Van Vliet: “When you’re doing films like this that are this powerful, do they affect you in any way personally?”

Miles Teller: “They absolutely do, and I got the opportunity in this one to tell such a story that I felt so strongly connected to. I just really felt for Adam.”

The Adam he’s talking about is Sgt. Adam Schumann, who served three tours in Iraq.

Chris Van Vliet: “‘Thank You for Your Service’ is such an interesting phrase. Adam, when someone says it to you, what’s your reaction?”

Adam Schumann: “It’s almost embarrassing and awkward, because I didn’t join for free meals on Veterans Day or for people to thank me for my service. It was a job, it was a way of life, and no, I don’t want to be thanked for that.”

Haley Bennett plays Adam’s wife in the film. She says it’s not just those fighting overseas who make sacrifices.

Haley Bennett: “You want to give your loved one the space and time to open up, and when they don’t open up, you become isolated and scared.”

Miles Teller (as Adam Schumann): “I got one chocolate chip smiley face pancake for you.”

Haley Bennett (as Saskia Schumann): “She doesn’t like chocolate.”

Miles Teller (as Adam Schumann): “OK. I guess I missed that part.”

Miles Teller: “What’s that like, coming back to your kid and you don’t remember things about them? Like, how does that make you feel? Man, you feel like such a crappy dad.”

The movie dives deep into the effects of PTSD and how a lot of people aren’t getting the help they need.

Miles Teller (as Adam Schumann): “He did his job. Now do yours.”

Chris Van Vliet: “The movie raises a lot of questions about servicemen and women returning. What are the answers?”

Miles Teller: “Look, it’s tough. These guys are going through immense trauma, and it’s mental health. And mental health is not something you can just kind of pop a pill for.”

Kerry Cahill (soldier’s mother): “Thank you for looking after my son over there.”

Miles Teller (as Adam Schumann): “He was my brother. We looked after each other.”

“Thank You for Your Service” hits theaters Friday, Oct. 27.

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