In new action comedy ‘Superintelligence,’ humanity’s fate depends on Melissa McCarthy

2020 has felt like the end of the world, but in the new action-comedy “Superintelligence,” Melissa McCarthy has to prove to a dangerous new technology the human race is worth saving.  Deco’s Alex Miranda — we like to keep him around — is here with more.

Look, we as humans do have our bad moments, but overall? Wait, I just remembered the Tide Pod challenge. And then, of course, there was the time we were popping our shirt collars. OK, maybe they have a point.

We all feel little ordinary sometimes, but in the new action comedy “Superintelligence,” there’s some serious power in that.

James Corden (as Super Intelligence): “I can control every dollar and every machine on the planet.”

When a dangerous artificial intelligence chooses to study a woman who it deems the most average on Earth, played by Melissa McCarthy, it’s all on her to prove humanity is worth saving from its world-ending capabilities.

James Corden (as Super Intelligence): “I’ll destroy the planet, just blow it up.”

No pressure! But Carole Peters turns to the one who got away, played by Bobby Cannavale, to show that, at our best, we humans do have some redeeming qualities, all right?”

Melissa McCarthy: “Love wins, love matters. That dance we do with our technology, it can’t take the place of two people coming together and having a real moment.”

In the movie, the technology uses a voice it knows you will trust.

Melissa McCarthy (as Carole Peters): “Is this James Corden?”

James Corden (as Super Intelligence): “I’m not James Corden, Carole. My analysis showed that hearing James Corden’s voice would calm you.”

Alex Miranda: “Who would be that voice that would relax you, calm you down?”

Melissa McCarthy: “What about, like, Benicio del Toro?”

Benicio del Toro (as Alejandro Gillick): “If something happens in that room, it’s easier to say you didn’t see anything.”

Ben Falcone: “What about Bill Withers? He’s got that soothing — he’s singing ‘Lovely Day.'”

But it’s also a commentary on how much we depend on tech, so I wanted to know, which gadgets they lean on too much.

Bobby Cannavale: “I think that pounding massage thing is pretty amazing. I could just call someone to come over and do the massage, but I’d rather awkwardly hurt my shoulder trying to pound my back with that thing.”

Ben Falcone: “A car camera. You know, like when you back up?”

A life saver! But, Melissa is still taking notes with a pen?!

Melissa McCarthy:  “I’m still writing it down. I’m like the last one to convert to the, like — I’m still with my quill and inkwell.”

This is the fourth film where Melissa has worked with her husband, Ben Falcone. He directed “Superintelligence,” which hits HBO Max on Thanksgiving.

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