In his new movie “Jungle,” Daniel Radcliffe wants to check out the Amazon. He ends up checking it out for three weeks — all alone, without food, water or shelter. For Daniel, it’s just a movie. However, as he tells Deco, when it comes to the guy he’s portraying, this was as real as it gets.

Daniel Radcliffe (as Yossi Ghinsberg): “I told my parents I’d be back in a year, but I don’t think I’m ever going back.”

Yossi Ghinsberg wanted an adventure with two buddies in South America. He got an adventure, all right, and then some.

Radcliffe plays Yossi in “Jungle,” based on the harrowing true story that went down in 1981.

Daniel Radcliffe: “After a series of escalating things happen, Yossi ends up alone and separated from that group and has to survive in the jungle on his own for three weeks.”

Three weeks! That means Daniel went through a pretty severe body transformation for the role.

He’s being totally modest about it, though.

Daniel Radcliffe: “It’s only tough compared to other film shoots. Yossi, the guy I’m playing, actually lived through this. So I don’t want to sit here being, ‘Oh, yeah, we had it so hard.'”

Daniel’s also quick to admit to us that the whole surviving alone in the jungle thing isn’t for him.

Daniel Radcliffe: “In real life, I would fare terribly, I’m sure! I’d like to think that I would’ve survived, but I would definitely take a bit of luck — and I would need a lot more luck than Yossi needed.”

Thomas Kretschmann (as Karl): “This is the last frontier on Earth. The jungle shows us what we really are.”

With a dramatic life-or-death situation like this, it’s a safe bet “Jungle” will take you on a roller coaster of emotions.

Daniel Radcliffe: “I hope it takes them on a real journey of watching this person get stripped of himself, really, and sort of become a living, breathing set of animal instincts.”

Whoa! That’s some heavy stuff, Daniel. We like to keep things kinda light on Deco.

Daniel Radcliffe: “I’m sorry about that.”

Oh, Daniel, apology accepted.

“Jungle” is out now in theaters.

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