Paris is one of the most expensive cities on Earth, but Michelle Pfeiffer found a way to make ends meet. She is relying on her good looks and wicked sense of humor in “French Exit.”

Robert Higden (as Mr. Baker): “It’s all gone. Every penny. What was your plan?”

Michelle Pfeiffer (as Frances Price): “My plan was to die before the money ran out, but I kept and keep not dying, and here I am.”

No money, no honey. What’s Michelle Pfeiffer gonna do now?

Susan Coyne (as Joan): “The hens are clucking.”

Michelle Pfeiffer (as Frances Price): “Are they saying I’m broke?”

Susan Coyne (as Joan): “They are. What about my apartment in Paris? It’s just sitting empty.”

In “French Exit,” Michelle plays a socialite who moves to the City of Light with her son after going broke.

Danielle Macdonald (as Madeleine): “What’s she paying you?”

Lucas Hedges (as Malcolm Price): “Paying me?”

Danielle Macdonald (as Madeleine): “Aren’t you her gigolo?”

Lucas Hedges (as Malcolm Price): “Oh, God, no. That’s my mother.”

Michelle didn’t make this movie just for the money. She loves playing someone who doesn’t take any crap from people.

Michelle Pfeiffer: “Someone who just speaks their mind and doesn’t spend her life like most of us — I would say the majority of us — trying to be polite, trying to do the right thing.”

Azazel Jacobs: “Her fierce independence, her ability to go exactly her way and however it takes, and that was intoxicating and really encouraging for me as a filmmaker. It’s what made me want to tell this story.”

Sure, she’s feisty, but feisty people still need friends, too, and Danielle Macdonald is a friend in need.

Danielle Macdonald: “These characters were so unique, and they kind of lived in their own reality, and that was gonna be really, really fun to play with.”

Susan Coyne (as Joan): “It’s such a cliché, isn’t it? Someone killing themselves after the glamour has passed?”

Michelle Pfeiffer (as Frances Price): “Do you know what a cliché is? It’s a story so fine that it’s grown old in its hope for retelling.”

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