‘Impractical Jokers’ return for second season of ‘The Misery Index’

The “Impractical Jokers” are up to something painful and profitable. The fab four are back for the second season of “The Misery Index,” which kicks off Thursday night on TBS.

Deco got the deets from two of the guys about the game show, where judging someone’s misery earns you big bucks.

The “Impractical Jokers” never met an embarrassing situation they didn’t like, which makes them a perfect fit for “The Misery Index.”

This is not your typical game show.

Brian “Q” Quinn: “There’s two of us on each team of the ‘Impractical Jokers.’ There’s a contestant, and we watch these videos and news stories that were rated by psychologists on scale of one to 100.”

Watching videos is just the beginning.

Brian “Q” Quinn: “And then we have to guess where the misery of whatever we’re looking at falls on.”

The show is called “The Misery Index” for a reason.

Sal Vulcano: “The situations will seem unreal. Every last one of them is true, and that’s what makes the show so wild. We’re gambling on other people’s misery for once instead of our own, which we do on ‘Jokers.'”

You’ll see lots of humiliating moments on the index.

If contestants are in sync with the psychologists and guess right, they can walk away with a pretty penny.

Sal Vulcano: “On ‘Misery Index,’ it’s really the contestants who stand to win about $30,000, maybe even a little more.”

Part of being on the show has taught the guys an interesting lesson. You don’t mess with other people’s money.

Sal Vulcano: “When you’re responsible for someone winning that money, something happens. You take it deadly seriously, and you feel you let them down if they don’t win.”

If it sounds like “The Misery Index” is the perfect gig for the “Impractical Jokers,” guess what? It is.

Sal Vulcano: “It is so perfect because it’s like with ‘Jokers’ we have to do everything. There is a lot of prep work, and they came to us with this game show, and they said, ‘We think you guys would have a real fun time playing it,’ and that is the extent of what you’ll have to do — play it.”

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